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What's Molesworth furniture? In 1931 Thomas Canada Molesworth (1890-1977) started the Shoshone Furniture Company in Cody, Wyoming. The western "Dude Ranch" was a popular vacation destination in those days as this was prior to Disneyland and Hawaii vacation packages. In a few short years Molesworth had made a name for himself furnishing the Moses Annenberg lodge and hotels in Wyoming and Montana. In 1940 he received a commission to furnish the TE Ranch which had formerly belonged to Buffalo Bill. Edward Grigware, an old classmate from Chicago collaborated with Molesworth on the TE Ranch project and several other commissions. Molesworth made furniture for some of the most prominent Americans of the twentieth century. He furnished Eisenhower's den, the Rockefeller Ranch and the homes and retreats of several celebrities and captains of industry and commerce.

Original Molesworth circa 1945 Original Molesworth circa 1934    Original Molesworth circa 1959


Christie's Catalog

During the summer of 1995 Christie's auction house Park Avenue New York sold 318 lots of Molesworth furniture from Colorado's "Old Lodge" circa 1935 for 2.9 million dollars.

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